Happy Birthday To All

The NBC Today program this morning, had a marvelous story about a little girl who wrote love notes to her family as she was wrestling with terminal brain cancer. They found her notes in various places throughout the house. This is a Love Note from 2 people who love each other in a very special way. We are different, but we are one. Today is OUR birthday, October 28th. I/we send this birthday note to you. But you must figure out our differences: One of us is old, the other not-so-old,

One of us is female, the other male,

One of us is white, the other black,

One of us is gay, the other straight,

One of us is deeply involved in the United Methodist Church, the other not,

One of us is called, Younger Sister, the other Elder Brother. We have been arrested together, and we have written numerous e-mail letters to each other that you must read! We have a very special project in the works that you can help fund.

Happy birthday from us to you on Our birthday !

EB & YS or should it be, YS & EB