Jail to Jail

Gil and I bonded when we were arrested together by the Cleveland police in 2000 for civil disobedience. Last Wednesday, January 13, we returned in a manner of sorts. We held our first public gathering for Truth in Progress at Helena’s Myrna Loy Center, which was at one time the Montana territorial jail, and until the 70’s was the Lewis & Clark County Jail. It’s been transformed into a performing and media arts center, and last week our fundraising reception was held in the art gallery in the center. Through generous support of the crowd gathered, we raised $2,800. We also had two days of productive work, meeting with almost the entire production team (Tonya Easebey, Steffen Rasile, Krys Holmes, Travis McAdam, and Larissa Barry), filming out in the midst of the  spectacular Montana landscape, and introducing Gil and his wife Grace to Helena and vice-versa. On result was an article in today’s Helena Independent Record. Check it out athttp://www.helenair.com/news/article_ec007a82-03ff-11df-b862-001cc4c03286.html.

Next stop is Dallas. We’ll be at the The Task Force’s Creating Change Conference and holding a fundraising reception on Thursday, Feb. 4, 5-7 pm, at First Unitarian Church located at 4015 Normandy Avenue. Would love to see you!

Marilyn and Gil