HAPPY GAY (or QUEER or LGBT) PRIDE MONTH!!!!! In honor of Pride, we are posting a series of clips from interviews on coming out by lesbians and gays and by a mother of a gay son. We also get at the related experience of “passing,” which can be a form of being in the closet or finding a comfortable fit depending on the community at the time. You’ll hear about this especially with Kai Wright and C.d. Kirven. Finally, look for Gil talking about how he was raised to deal with discrimination. Marilyn’s mom is in there too.

We start with the following three clips. Video is a bit funky on one and audio on another, but we’re going ahead and posting them because the stories and the storytellers are that good!

Also, Truth in Progress is headed to Alabama to celebrate with Central Alabama Pride, this coming weekend, June 11-13!

We’ll film in Selma on Friday, June 11, and in Birmingham, June 12 and 13. Gil will be joining the local PFLAG group in the parade on Saturday night, representing the national PFLAG board to which he was recently elected. Where Marilyn will be is a mystery so far, but she’s aiming for the motorcycles.