Elder Brother on Judge Walker's ruling to overturn Prop 8

The U.S. Supreme Court decision to invalidate "separate but equal schools" was announced on May 17, 1954. I could not help but think of this when I read of the decision of Judge Walker to over turn Proposition 8. Both decisions were based on a belief that when a Constitution, national or state, speaks of equality, it means all persons and not some persons.

I continue to be amazed that some of the supporters of Proposition 8, in the Court Room and before, have placed heterosexual marriage on a pedestal it does not deserve. I write this as one who has been married to the same person for 52 years. Glorifying the marriage of one man to one woman while denying the right of same gender loving couples the right to marry exagerates the significance of "traditional marriage" and dismisses the possibilities of same sex marriage.

Bob Dylan wrote and sang, "The Times They Are A-Changin". Judge Walker's decision to render Proposition 8 invalid gives me hope that the American creed will soon take on new life when same sex couples have the right to marry. When creed becomes deed, vis-a-vis same sex marriage, many of us will believe again in the American promise of equality as I believed 56 years ago when public school segregation was legally ended. It was true for me then, and it is true for me now, it is possible to sing, "God Bless America" and mean it sincerely.

Gil Caldwell/"EB"