See Meanderings from Minneapolis under Different Struggle, Same Fight Blog about our time at Creating Change! MY HOPE FOR OUR TIME IN MINNEAPOLIS Marilyn and I will be in Minneapolis from February 1 - 4 (details below). I wonder how many persons will take the opportunity to talk to us as the "Odd Couple" that we are? Our conversations about race and homosexuality too often take place in ways separate and apart. How many persons have had the opportunity to talk to a white woman who is Lesbian and a black man who is straight, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, in the same place and space, at the same time?

I borrow Robert Frost's words to say "We have miles to go before we sleep", as we grapple with the intersections and separations of race and sexual orientation. We seem to find it difficult to develop conversations that embrace in wholistic ways, the commnality/difference in two journeys, experiences, and realities that are different, yet the same.

What a waste of your time and our time if you do not walk up to us and quote Joan Rivers by asking, "Can we talk?"

Gil Caldwell, who with Marilyn Bennett, personify Truth in Progress

The National Conference on LGBT Equality Creating Change The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Minneapolis, Minnesota February 2-6, 2010 Gil and Marilyn will be there February 1-4. Let us know if you are at Creating Change! or join us on twitter!