the state of our disunion

My thoughts this morning are on the state of our country's dis-union represented by the shooting in Arizona. Anyone who has ever worked for change has seen this dis-union up close and personal and too many times --violently vocal protestors at Pride events; Fred Phelps and his family at churches, funerals, and disaster sites; church bombers; demonizing polarizations from left to right, right to left; to name a few. However it does seem that the tone of political discourse, the acceptance of carrying guns near our public officials (including our president), and the rifle-sighting maps of those who pose themselves as national leaders seems to move this violent negativity to the severe threat level red. Maybe the morning news needs to start with the color-threat level of our nation's pulse so we know how to mentally prepare ourselves for our day. But just as the televised events of Bloody Sunday in Selma brought national attention to the civil rights abuses, may this unstable individual's actions bring focus to the tenor of civility or lack thereof. However, the new game plan that we need in our daily discourse is not a defense or an offense, but something that promotes genuine, safe, productive problem solving. It's messy, but we already know about mess.

Today, January 13th marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Truth in Progress. We, with you, are committed to finding ways to talk across differences, to listen beyond disagreement. It's not easy, but it is an under girding practice or even discipline that has seen and unseen ripple effects. Thank you for being co-travelers on this progressive journey towards shared truth.