Nicholas Kristof wrote an article in a September 2008 issue of the New York Times that continues to be timely. His article was titled "The Push to Otherize Obama". The "Otherization" of President Obama and at times Michelle Obama, continues to continue. The recent comments of Mike Huckabee about the President and his "other-ness" is a recent edition of this practice. But, I was shocked beyond belief when a leader of the Log Cabin Republicans on Chris Matthews' MSNBC "Hardball" progarm contributed to the consistent irrational and illogical distortions of the history and present reality of Barack Obama. When asked by Matthews for a response to President Obama's decision vis-a-vis DOMA, the Log Cabin representative whose name I do not remember, hemmed and hawed and made every effort to diminish the significance of the President's action.

Many of the persons who read these words know of my efforts to be a consistent ally/advocate of LGBTQ human rights, particularly in the African American community. One of the frequent responses of resistance among some black persons to support for gay rights is; "Racial insensitivity and racism is present within many of the persons who want black people to be supportive of the gay rights movement". I do my best to counter this response by saying this is no excuse for homophobia within some in the black community.But, you can understand my challenge when the negative comments made by a Log Cabin leader about President Obama are thrown back at me as rationale for non-support of gay rights.

President Obama, more than any President, has been outspoken and initiated actions that we applaud on gay rights. But, must I expect and accept Log Cabin leaders who are in lockstep with the efforts of the Republican Party to discredit President Obama as a way to defeat him in 2012?

Your comments?

Gil Caldwell