THE DAY OF SILENCE, Helena High School Gay Straight Alliance, Helena, Montana

On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools. Members of the Helena High School Gay-Straight Alliance in Helena, Montana recognize those who deserve to be heard but are silenced out of fear for safety and harassment.

The Day of Silence is over, now what?

Send Truth in Progress your links to what you are doing in your high school. What do you do when you see a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person being harassed? It's not always easy to know what to do in the moment. What's it like to be the target of anti-gay slurs? How have you gotten through it? Wherever you live, let us hear from you. Put the silence aside, it's time to hear YOUR VOICE!

What Helena High GSA students had to say about their experience of the Day of Silence:

"It was touching to see so many people wearing red and silently advocating for LGBT rights. It felt wonderful to show people that we are here and we will support the gay community at Helena High."

"It was extremely difficult to remain silent for the whole day, but I felt surprisingly accepted and appreciated. Most people were understanding and were in accordance with the movement. If they weren't, I didn't know for no one spoke out against my actions."

"I didn't speak and it was hard. And I ended up cheating. One kid told me that gay equals stupid when I was putting my books in my locker. Some people were accepting, but I felt somewhat laid bare. Not speaking while using a notepad seemed ineffective; next time I won't use a notepad or will speak."

"I had a lot of people ask what it was for and why I was participating. It was difficult but I enjoyed the challenge. Some people also made fun of the cause openly to me which was upsetting."

"Day of Silence went so-so. Most people were extremely curious as to why I was not speaking, and I only had one example of being put down for doing it. Once I explained (the next day) why I kept silent many people supported my point of view. Overall it was very encouraging."

"I did speak but I wore red the whole day. A lot of my friends did it, and it was surprising how a lot of people were encouraging my friends. I also heard people saying bad things, but in general everybody accepted it."

"I thought that we received more respect this year during Day of Silence than the past few years. I saw a few people who obviously disapproved, but I did not directly receive rude comments. It was an interesting experience."

"I thought it was effective because students around the school that were not aware of gay straight alliance found out the importance while witnessing numerous students fight back words for the whole day."

"It definitely helped raise awareness about GSA and raised attention to the discrimination of gays."