Signatures welcome from persons across the racial spectrum

Friends, I just spoke to Pamela Lightsey, the spokesperson for the African American United Methodist Church Scholars & Clergy Endorsement Urging Ordination of Homosexual Clergy, and she agrees that signatures from persons across the racial spectrum are appreciated and requested, now that we have amassed a significant number of signatures from black persons and other persons of color. We, at my last checking, have 155 signatures with the 155th being from my long-time friend and colleague, Rev. Dr. Gayraud Wilmore who has written a moving and powerful comment.

We still live in a time of racial and racist paradox. Some of my black colleagues have wondered why those who are active in the Gay Rights Movement have not identified with our continuing Black justice struggle as they have wanted us to join theirs. I, as one who "stands in the gap" would deeply appreciate it if my white colleagues and others would add their names to the statement. (Sign here.)