The "Iowa Declaration" and the cohabitation of racism and heterosexism

"The Marriage Vow- A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage & Family" A group of conservative Republicans in Iowa have asked Republican candidates for the Republican presidential nomination to sign a "Vow" that supports marriage as being only that of one man and one woman, rejection of anti-women Sharia Islam, and downsizing government.

Initially, the "Vow" also included a statement that I paraphrase that said; "Black children born into slavery were more likely to be raised in a 2 parent family than was an African American child born after Barack Obama became President."

This part of the statement has been rescinded, but before its deletion, 2 of the candidates had signed it.

I have consistently suggested that some of the persons in faith communities who are anti-gay and lesbian and anti-same sex unions and marriages, are also persons who in their anti-homosexuality perspectives are also persons who either do not understand, or do not care to understand the racism of colonialism, slavery and racial segregation. This for me is the link between heterosexism (anti-homosexuals) and racism (anti-blacks).

We recognize that every President is criticized, and we acknowledge that some of us who are supporters of President Obama have our own disagreements with aspects of his administration. But, the history and racially-insensitive responses to his presidency by some, evoke another repetition of that old bit of wisdom; "The more things change, the more they remain the same." Regardless of perspectives on the Obama presidency, it has brought to the forefront the realities of the racism and heterosexism that still exist, even now in the 21st century.

I cannot comprehend why some persons, because of their scriptural interpretations, and/or their acceptance of the rightness of a history and culture of bias against persons who are same gender loving, allow themselves to be in accord with those who unknowingly or knowingly, are anti-black. My experiences of racism for many years have made me apprehensive of those who manifest heterosexism. I know that in many instances, the negative things I have heard them say about gays and lesbians, would in my absence, also be said about me because I am back.

I have said in previous writings that one of my fears of a response of silence about, or resistance to, the human rights struggles of same gender loving persons, would open the door for those who are not only anti-homosexual, but also anti-black.

"The Marriage Vow - A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Famly" being circulated in Iowa is an illustration of my fear. Although the "praise for slavery" * section of the Declaration has been deleted, it is certain that there has been limited deletion of it from the minds and understandings of those who developed the statement.


* Years ago, a colleague/friend who is Jewish, said to me that there will come a time when there will be those who "sanitize" slavery as some have sought to "sanitize" the holocaust. He was right.