Truth in Progress report on Marilyn's health condition

There is so much to write about from the Fair is Fair in Montana Tour. Now we're back at it after some life disruptions.

As some of you know, Marilyn was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer three days before the start of the tour and had her first chemo treatment just before she drove to pick up Ninia and then to Billings for the official tour start. Today she has her third chemo treatment. She is surrounded by many loved ones near and far who are seeing her through this time --emotionally, spiritually, and with food, music, laughter, and tears. She brings her customary humor and "realness" to this life change and sees her cancer as a very big inconvenience that she had not planned for but will now go through. We've included a video below of Gil and Ninia talking about Team Fair is Fair. This will give you an idea of the state of our spirits as we share this journey with her.

Marilyn and Gil will continue to report on the tour and keep focus on this important work to bridge understanding across cultures and communities so that together we can create change for a fair and just society. Thank you for adding your voice and presence to Truth in Progress. Keep sharing the TiP story with others so that we continue to grow a community of many voices.

The numbers from the Fair is Fair in Montana Tour are in, and we have a fabulous video with highlights of the tour coming soon! Our next post will report on the tour numbers and further posts on Missoula, Kalispell, Great Falls, and Helena, and our (that includes you, write us!) ongoing work around the country.

Finally, we welcome 110 new email subscribers from the Fair is Fair Tour!

With love and prayers, The Truth in Progress Team