TEAM FAIR IS FAIR: Marilyn describes Gil this time

We've had a few videos from the Fair is Fair in Montana Tour of Gil and Ninia describing their tour cohorts. I want to take this opportunity to describe Gil, his strategic work on the tour, some behind the scenes incidents, and his amazing unflagging commitment to the LGBT equality movement. I've included stories of our time in Helena so let's get some fun facts about Helena before the video clip!

-Helena was founded with the July 14, 1864 discovery of gold in a gulch off the Prickly Pear valley by the "Four Georgians". About $3.6 billion (in today's dollars) of gold was taken from Helena's main street over a 20-year period.

-In 1888 Helena had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the world.

More fun facts: -Gary Cooper (1901 - 1961) was born in Helena.

-In Helena, Montana it is illegal to throw an item across a street.

-In 1884, the citizens of Montana Territory were fed up with lawlessness and forming a large-scale vigilante force, they executed thirty-five horse and cattle thieves that year. Helenans, stil celebrate "Vigilante Day." Helena teenagers every spring get a day off from school to build floats for the Vigilante Parade, which the longest running, non-corporate sponsored parade in the United States.

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