MORE VIDEO from MT Supreme Court Hearing of Donaldson v. State of Montana

MT Supreme Court historic hearing of Donaldson v. State of Montana on April 13, 2012. The case argues that the state is violating the right to equal protection and privacy of six same-sex couples guaranteed by the MT State Constitution.

What is left to the meaning of "marriage" if the Court grants relief to same sex domestic partners?

At the core of the hearing: Are committed same sex couples guaranteed equal protection under the law?

In this clip James Goetz, attorney for the plaintiffs and ACLU of Montana, and Mike Black, state's attorney, argue before the court the question of whether or not it is legal to discriminate against persons on the basis of sexual orientation. Also addressed is whether or not the court can make a declaratory judgement about the violation of equal protection rather than rule that each specific statutory provision must be dealt with case by case. This would require hundreds of lawsuits brought by and at the expense of same sex couples.

How can we ask couples to argue case by case: Mary Leslie's story

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