On the train again

On the train again

I’m writing from the NJ Transit train from New York Penn Station to Long Branch, New Jersey where Gil will pick up our production manager Tonya and I to begin our New Jersey filming adventure. Tomorrow will be a full day of interviews and meetings in Gil’s neck of the woods.

It feels great to be back in the swing of things and on the road with Truth in Progress. This September 13th marks one year of when I was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. It’s been a wild ride these last 12 months of chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and cancer-blocking drugs. I was cared for by an extraordinary medical staff and a huge circle of love and support. There were some tough nights when the chemo crashes would go on and on, but I always had the sense that the cancer would be eliminated and that I just had to accept that this was going to be a big disruption in my life. Now, a year later, I’m back on the road with my incredible TIP teammates, and we’re off and running to interview some amazing people.

Tomorrow first up is Cheryl Clarke, black lesbian feminist poet; second we’ll lunch with leaders of Ocean Grove United; third we’ll interview Arlene Groch a retired civil rights attorney; and then talk with Randy Bishop, a gay man who is the mayor Neptune, NJ. We may work in another surprise interview.

We will be posting on facebook and twitter as well as here on our blog as we go through our time in New Jersey and next week in New York City (12th-14th). What are we doing? We’re still asking how diverse groups of people can find common ground without negating their differences, how we can be open and honest with each other as we seek a bigger picture of connection. Gil and I are also on a search for stories about the powerful forces of the Civil Rights and LGBT Equality Movements. How those movements have shaped our society, but, more importantly in this moment, how they can help us shape a world that recognizes the equal rights and dignity of all people.



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