Black Elders of St. Mark's Harlem: Are racism and heterosexism the same?

While were in New York City, Truth in Progress dropped by St. Mark's Harlem United Methodist Church, an African American church established in 1871. Gil was pastor there in 1994-1997. We arrived just when a lunch meeting was breaking up. Gil was warmly welcomed back: it was a reunion that prompted a spontaneous and very open discussion about gay inclusion in the church. This type of conversation had never been held in the church before. From left to right: Myra and Alvin Ricketts, David Welch, Gil Caldwell, and Azleea Moses.

This clip is an excellent example of what Truth in Progress is all about. Asking the questions and listening to diverse points of view. The next step is to bring people from a variety of communities together to meet, talk, and hear each other across differences. For TIP, as onlookers and participants it is very moving to hear "fresh" thoughts, especially where conversation on the intersection of topics of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion have not come together before.

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