What do Arizona and Uganda, Melvin and Museveni have in common?

CaldwellPhotoWhat do Arizona and Uganda, and President Museveni and candidate for Governor of Arizona, Al Melvin have in common? Ugandan President Museveni has signed an anti-homosexuality bill, and Senator Al Melvin wants Governor Brewer of Arizona to sign SB 1062, Arizona's anti-homosexuality bill. Melvin supports the Arizona Bill by saying this; "You should not be able to force a Jewish deli owner into catering a neo-Nazi party, or a pro-life caterer to cater Planned Parenthood's Annual Gala." (Arizona Daily Star, February 25). "Neo-Nazi Party"? Both in Uganda and in Arizona there are those who view LGBT persons and same sex couples as evil, despicable and unworthy of being treated as human beings. Legislation in Uganda would place in jail any person convicted of a homosexual offense or who aids and abets homosexuality in jail. And, in Arizona the proposed legislation would allow businesses to refuse to serve these persons if the business owner disagreed with their same sex couple status.

Businesses in Arizona are urging that SB 1062 not be signed by the Governor. Will those businesses that are international, express their concern about the legislation that has been signed in Uganda?

My Co-Partner, Marilyn Bennett uses the phrase, "Religious abuse of the Bible" to identify a source that feeds homophobia and LGBT hatred. How much longer will we tolerate Christians in Uganda and Arizona who mis-use the Bible to justify their anti-gay, heterosexist legislative actions?

What has happened in Uganda, and what is happening in Arizona, ought be a wake-up call for people of faith, all over the world.