In a Family Way

Rev Gil H CaldwellI have just watched on television the dedication of the National  9/11 Memorial Museum. Do you share with me the following statement? How foolish it is that because of our human differences, we demean each other because of those differences of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, place of national origin, sexual orientation, politics, class, economic/educational status, age, nation, state, city, town, region, culture, language, history, philosophy, color of skin, texture of hair, shape of eyes, height, weight, ability, disability, etc. etc.

Persons from over 90 nations were killed and injured on 9/11. I, and I believe you might suggest as well, that the NATIONAL 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM become a daily reminder that "WE ARE FAMILY", in life as well as in death.

The culture in which I grew up believed that being in a "Family Way" was to be waiting for the birth of a child. The "Family Way" I suggest, is to be about "birthing"  the  idea, word and deed, that even when there are differences among us, "We Are Family".


WTC Memorial