Gil at MFSA Teach-In, August 27, Washington D.C.

"CLIMATE OF SUSPICION: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF RACE IN AMERICA"Panel discussion presented by the Methodist Federation for Social Action

Tuesday, August 27, 4-5:30 pm Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church 900 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington D.C.

The "Criminalization" of any group of people, because of who they are, is Criminal. In my "old age", (80 in October), I am seeking in my thinking and writing to break out of the silos that cause us in our justice work to think/act in narrow and exclusive ways about racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, etc. Also, I am thinking more and more about how we get at root, influential causes of our prejudice, bigotry and hatred. We move from combatting ism to ism, and back again, without assessing and confronting that, that births "ism", thinking and acting.

Bishop Gene Robinson: "Race is still the Festering Sore in American Society"

"I was writing today about a question posed in the Washington Post which was, 'How come no one is talking about the fact that all of the perpetrators of these mass killings are white? Does anybody think that if they'd all been African American, we wouldn't be talking about race? So why aren't we talking about race?'"

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On the train again

This September 13th marks one year of when I was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. It’s been a wild ride these last 12 months of chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and cancer-blocking drugs... There were some tough nights when the chemo crashes would go on and on, but I always had the sense that the cancer would be eliminated and that I just had to accept that this was going to be a big disruption in my life. Now, a year later, I’m back on the road with my incredible TIP teammates, and we’re off and running to interview some amazing people.

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TIP Exclusive: Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Trayvon slaying

May this tragic act help the US to be true to the ideals of the founding persons of your great nation. May you all realise that you really are all members of one family, God's family, the human family: black, white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, lesbian, transsexual, gay, bisexual, and so-called straight all belong together in the bundle of life.

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American Sons: President Obama and Trayvon Martin

In response to Newt Gingrich comment, "What the president said is disgraceful. It's not a question of what the young man looked like. At some point we need to talk about being Americans." Gil writes, "There is a strangeness about these still early days of the 21st century, when there are those who believe that their definition and description of "American" is THE definition and description of what it means."

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